In summer 2018, while songleading at BBYO’s Chapter Leadership Training Conference, Nick got the chance to do something he had never done before, go up in front of a room of people he didn’t know well and share his intimate story of growing up as a person who stutters and how the communities he grew up in built him up instead of tear him down. This experience inspired him to create Being Heard. Being Heard is a program that combines storytelling, singing, and group discussion to show the power of being inclusive, not only towards others but to ourselves. Since then, Nick has brought Being Heard to camps, congregations, and youth groups across North America.

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Nick May was a gem to have at our synagogue this weekend! His music was outstanding and our congregation enjoyed the fun as well as the spiritual additions to our Shabbat service. Our students also learned valuable lessons during Religious School on being true to your own self with his program, 'Being Heard.'”

— Ann Zivitz Kientz, Temple Sinai, New Orleans, LA