Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

If you’ve made it to this part of my website, you probably have read my Bio page or you know a little bit about me. And if you fall into any of these categories, then you know not only that I was born and raised in New Orleans, but just how much I am in love with that city. This is a special time of year for New Orleans, it’s Carnival time.

Growing up, Mardi Gras was high on my favorite holidays list. On the surface, Mardi Gras seems like a rather adult holiday; one to guard your children from at all costs. However, as a child growing up with it, Mardi Gras was about the sights and sounds of the floats and marching bands in parades, days off from school, the feeling of wonderment with each string of beads or other seemingly cheap throws we would catch, and, most importantly, spending time with family and friends. This is my first Mardi Gras living outside of South Louisiana and I’ll admit it, I’m a little homesick. In Northern Virginia and the rest of the world, it’ll be just another Tuesday.

Yet, although it may be just another Tuesday, I woke up this morning and went to work with that same sense of excitement I used to have as a child. There were no floats to watch or beads to catch but something about the day just felt special. Isn’t that what holidays are all about? That feeling that something special is happening on a day that is, at its core, the same as any other. I guess that’s just something else I can thank New Orleans for. An extra day of happiness and celebration for being alive.

I believe Chris Rose, author of 1 Dead in Attic, put it best, “You can live in any city in America but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.” Let the good times roll y’all and I hope to spend Mardi Gras with everyone back home soon.


Nick May will be releasing his new single “Flourish” on Friday, January 18, 2019.

About Flourish:

On January 21st we will be celebrating the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat, or the New Year of the trees. Trees are extremely prevalent in Jewish teachings: the trees of life and knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the burning bush, referring to the Torah as the Tree of Life, etc.. “Flourish” takes the text Tzaddik Katamar from Psalm 92 and gives a modern twist to these ancient words. It is my hope that this song inspires you to stick to the roots of who you are and thrive in the harshest of conditions.

New Blog

As 2018 and my travels draw to a close, I sit here trying to remember all of the incredible experiences, challenges, and changes that have happened this year with little success. So, I’ve decided to start up a blog to keep y’all up to date on the things going on in my life personally and professionally, share ideas with y’all and get feedback, and to give myself something to look back on.

You may be asking yourself, “But Nick, you’re the musician and we are your consumers. Why do you want to share ideas and get feedback from us?” And you have a point, but the point of me making music is to connect with all of you. I can work hard to make a product that says what I want to say and feels how I feel but if it doesn’t convey that to you then I haven’t done my job properly.

This work, to me, means that we are all in this together. We get the chance to sing, pray, and work as one people. That being said, thank you for making 2018 an incredible year and I am looking forward to continuing the work with all of you next year.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!